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Read what they are saying about Skype readings with Tater, the Skype Psychic!


"I really enjoyed Tater’s reading. He’s very intuitive and informative while keeping things light and fun. I learned a lot about me but also about the cards and their symbolism. Great fun and quite encouraging." – Su Nimon (Artist, musician)



“Tater is amazing. The gift he has is very real- whether you "believe in it" or not. The reading he facilitated with me was nothing short of accurate for something that has been weighing fairly heavy in my life now. His reading not only let me know where I am now but also where I am headed, in regards to that issue. It really gave me the strength and the shove I needed to put this issue behind me and fully move on. So in short, Tater is amazing. His readings will astound you. Thanks Tater. I am glad you came into my life when you did.” Jeanette Hendricks (Massage therapist)

Watch this clip of a live psychic reading with Tater via Skype!


Skype is free and available for your computer or Smartphone! Get your Skype reading today!


For those who are experiencing financial hardship, please just Skype me directly at SkypePsychic.


Tater Scot, the Skype Psychic, known for his enlightening tarot card spreads, is a modern day wizard, tarot card reader, comedian, actor and hermetic, casting real spells of healing, encouragement and laughter in Phoenix, Arizona.