A Full Psychic Tarot Reading (Crystal Ball, Pendulum & Psychometry)


From Evernote:

A Full Psychic Tarot Reading (Crystal Ball, Pendulum & Psychometry)

Clipped from: http://www.tarotelements.com/tarot-tips/psychic-tarot-reading/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+TarotElements+%28Tarot+Elements%29

Using a Crystal Ball, Pendulum & Psychometry for a full psychic reading.

I have never tried Psychometry before, channeling through objects of the querrent, but it really sounds like a great way to gain deeper aspects of the reading. I am excited about trying this method out!

– Tater Scot, a Modern Day Wizard


Psychometry & the Power of Touch


I took it from her when she was ready and held it, while closing my eyes. I turned it as compelled opening myself to its energy. Very soon I began seeing images. As they came, I described what I saw. It became clear that there were emotions behind these images that needed to be addressed.

Tater Scot, known for his enlightening tarot card spreads, is a modern day wizard, psychic, comedian, actor and hermetic, casting real spells of healing, encouragement and laughter in Phoenix, Arizona.


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